One of my personal goals in writing Fit at 50: Back From the Brink, Naturally is to raise money for a very important charity, Pearls of Hope. Another goal is to help people improve their health and fitness. Lastly, I want to help people find the best products and services which have helped me achieve my high level of health and fitness.


Over the last decade, I have done extensive research and found and now use many of the best products and services of their kind. This means I recommend these products and services because they have helped me reach my potential, and I know they can help you too. A natural outgrowth of my research has been the formation of relationships. I refer to the people I have these relationships with as my partners. As I have worked to complete this book, my partners proposed offering discounts for those who use Fit at 50: Back From the Brink, Naturally.


Value is the combination of great function at a good price. As a homeowner in California who works for the government, I have a tight budget. So, finding products and services which perform really well, and are also not the most expensive, are the ones I have come to use. My race wheels, made by HED. are perhaps the best example. They are arguably the fastest wheels on the market and are still moderately priced, even before any discounts.


Read below and learn why I use the products and services of my partners. Join my newsletter and tell me which partners you are interested in and you will receive emails regarding special offers. In some cases, simply contact one of my partners and mention Fit at 50: Back From the Brink, Naturally or use the promotion code to get a discount.


So, by using the strategies detailed in Fit at 50: Back From the Brink, Naturally, and by using the products and services I use and recommend, you can improve your health and fitness with some of the best gear and services on the planet, and save some of your hard earned cash at the same time.